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Ucheed is a  Digital development company in Lebanon,
committed to providing web design, mobile app development, SEO, social media, branding & marketing services to increase business visibility and engagement.
Our mission is to build brands, platforms, and experiences that guarantee success with solid digital strategies.

Digital development company in Lebanon


What we Build

We see things differently. We transcend traditional ideas and challenge the ordinary.

Web Design

Did you know? The days of browsing the internet exclusively from your desktop are way overdue. Armed with imaginative perspectives and dense experiences, our design and development teams unite to build responsive, modern websites that mirror your brand.

Mobile Apps

Is your brand still absent in app stores? Fear not! Our developers deliver fully functional mobile Apps across Android, iOS, and Windows. We build with the user in mind, customizing the experience and interface to suit your objectives.

Brand Identities

One of the most important pillars in helping you stand out from the crowd is establishing your brand identity. Your brand extends beyond the digital realm. We offer you creative branding services to ensure that your identity is consistent and on-target across all platforms.

Digital Marketing Strategies

We are your digital marketing contractors! Ready to kick your competitors’ behind? Our marketers will help you build your social media presence, create and manage top-performing social media campaigns, and draft effective marketing plans that engage your target audience. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions that position your brand at the forefront of the web.

Graphic Designs

We are builders with a creative bent. Our designers use unconventional typography and visual arts to produce innovative designs. If your business craves creative attention, we will sketch an original identity that reflects your brand’s voice and image.

Photography & Video Content

If you’re looking for advanced storytelling services, we’ve got you covered! Our in-house multimedia expertise provides your brand with compelling content. We can transform your static message into motion that connects with your audience on an entirely different level.


e-Commerce made easy! We build, configure, and launch customized e-Commerce websites tailored to your needs in record time. Our custom websites are mobile-friendly and search engine optimized, guaranteed to support your digital campaigns and help you achieve your goals.

Information System & Data Intelligence

At present, 53% of businesses are in the process of adopting big data analytics as part of their core business strategy and it’s no coincidence. To win on today’s information-rich digital battlefield, turning insight into action is a must, and online data analysis tools are the very vessel for doing so.

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Charbel is very responsive. He was always there to answer our questions, and to guide us, especially in emergencies AND he’s always in a good mood! A big thank you to Ucheed for their efficiency, for showing a lot of professionalism, and giving us a perfect result on time.

It is a great pleasure working with Ucheed. They are always eager to work on challenging projects and to provide solutions... nothing is impossible for them! Highly recommended

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Dr. Fouad Khoury

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Charbel Imad
Charbel Imad - Ucheed CEO

Charbel Imad - Ucheed CEO

Ucheed is a digital design and development agency founded in 2018 by Charbel Imad, a Computer Science graduate driven by a strong belief in creativity and its impact on clients’ businesses. Expert in software solutions, web design, DevOps, and business development, Charbel mixes top-of-art technologies with a problem-solving approach to guarantee success. He served renowned clients in the Middle East including the Lebanese Petroleum Administration, Cedrus Bank, Arab Finance House, Arab Parliamentary Institute, and Smallville Hotel. With a background in music and video production, Charbel is also the proud owner of Olden Productions’ recording studio. His expertise in the production world is another vital addition to Ucheed’s impressive portfolio of high-tech services.

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